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Description: is your one centralized resource for anything and everything relating to the aquarium hobby. We not only provide details about specific aspects, but we also provide a more general approach when it comes to different inhabitant species, plants, equipment, and more. All of our articles that are written are done so as community members request them, or that they are common questions that are asked throughout the aquarium world. We take pride in making sure that every aspect is centralized around not only experts but also can be read by beginners who are just jumping into the hobby.

Join us today, even if you aren't into aquariums we do have plenty of members that might want to make you get started! Trust me, we'll help you with any size of aquarium, any previous experience, and also help you with all of the steps required to take care of it from the first day.
I'll probably register when I get home from holiday so expect me.

Your site looks interesting and I like the name good job Smile all our fish keep dying now...
Jamie Dignam
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