PopUnder Self-hosted JavaScript Code
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I am selling the PopUnder Self hosted javascript code. It useful for internet marketers, service providers, etc.

You can set your own links to open as a popunder on click. You can set up an unlimited number of popunders with this script.

It has the following features:

  1. Support for multiple PopUnders

  2. Works on ALL devices & ALL browsers

  3. You can set the cookie time (popunder frequency)

  4. Easy for any modifications

  5. Simple installation with embedding JS file

  6. Bypasses ALL adblockers, because it's self-hosted!

  7. FREE support for 1 week after you buy the script!

You can check more about the PopUnder script here (where you can also buy it), and feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Do you have demo?
@hourb: Try running it on a test server yourself if you need to try it.
Jamie Dignam
KV32 Gamers - gaming blog/forum/wiki
Purpose of demo is to see how it works before buying it.
@hourb: http://gamess.review uses this popunder script. Please note that it uses several popunders (opens more than 1 popunder), so it's clearly visible functionality of multiple popunders. Smile
HourB I missed a few facts (didn't reread the OP).
Thanks for giving a link Hosted Smile - would this actually work on outdated browsers (Firefox 3.6, IE8 etc.) which obviously don't have much recent JS support? I'd expect FF 3.6 to but IE8 would act weird...
Jamie Dignam
KV32 Gamers - gaming blog/forum/wiki
I think that you should test in old browsers. I don't know if it works in them, but I think it may work, because the JavaScript used doesn't use any special new features.

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