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SwirlyHost.com - DDoS protected web hosting located in France.
Here are our prices:
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We offer 24/7 ticket support, live chat and email.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Two things I don't understand:

Your service is started in 2014 and yet the 'testimonial' or whatever says "many years", is this from the template?
'Music' and 'Print' aren't relevant tags for your site either...

Still your service looks very good!
Jamie Dignam
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Are you selling your company? Why? And what are you looking to get for it?
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You could have at least removed the style switcher from the nulled template....
You should really work more on your site. No offense but it looks like you just uploaded the template, edited names and a few more things and then took it for granted. You didn't even remove the template's style selection.

(03-27-2016, 04:40 AM)Hans Wrote: Are you selling your company? Why? And what are you looking to get for it?

He's probably just looking to advertise his hosting services.
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Feel free to PM me shall you need anything!
Flippa with Escrow is the best method to sell domains.
I am going on a web hosting hiatus.
He ask me to be partner with him but he doesn't have the files where i search from and he cannot offer me anything that i need only BoxBilling keys but nobody search for it. So i've denied his request.
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But again, a .info for business, that is probably $2.99 from GoDaddy.

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