Tips for Member Introductions
This is a practice I conduct at my own community in the New Members thread rules and guidelines, so decided to make a similar thing here for user tips. Feel free to make this a sticky if you like or edit anything, administrators/moderators. I'm open to suggestions and improvements of any thread. ~Cammy

Introducing yourself
  • Pick a unique topic title, maybe a tagline for yourself. You'll get noticed better by the community if you make an interesting/elaborate title.
  • Start off with the basic info like country, your job in web hosting, and don't forget at beginning, add a greeting like 'Hello' - maybe in your native language or something so we'll know what language you speak, it could help us (especially if ever adds a 'Non-English' discussion one day).
  • You don't have to, but you can highlight your personal life as well. It's a good way to get to know you around our friendly and active forums.
  • I would recommend you definitely talk about web hosting and webmastering - whether you started off as a YouHosting refugee, are a successful person owning his/her own servers, just a person running a forum or portal, into professional website designing or whatnot!
  • If you have any things such as website template, WordPress plugins, or anything else which shows your coding knowledge and skill then you can provide us with some links to your work.
  • Put hard work into your introduction as well as all your posts since of course, first impressions are important!
Welcoming others
  • Greet new users happily, let them know they'll enjoy their stay on this site.
  • Perhaps, mention what you think of their work so far in their webmaster area of work or such.
  • Use the introduction thread as a sort of 'Ask Threads' if you have anything to ask of the user, this can range from things they may have missed out such as their time in web development, to even non-tech related questions such as if they play video games and what they do play. It will really help new users settle in.
Any other tips please share in this thread. I'll add them into this post with credit. Thank you.
Jamie Dignam
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