The Bitcoin Faucet Fear
The last few days I've got quite a few messages from users who were suspended for uploading Bitcoin faucet websites, and MOFH being adamant about not reactivating such sites, claiming they "attract abuse" or whatnot.

And somehow I still don't understand what's so bad about them. From what I understand, faucet sites just give away money (which they earn back through ads). So why are hosting providers so afraid of sites?

Have some of you had bad experiences with faucet sites? Or know why such sites are shunned?
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They get botted by a lot of people, so some faucet sites could be bombarded with bots to get bitcoin and overwhelm the server. The bots can bypass most CAPTCHAs so it doesn't really help. I use to run one.
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Probably because they think it's some sort of illegal activity like when you bot YouTube views or whatnot.
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Unfortunately some people seem to be afraid of cryptography, or associate it with criminal activity and terrorism.
Bitcoin Faucet mostly open sites in iframe and also attract lots of people with who want free money so it increase abuse as well as load on system due to load and they also have multiple captchas so validating them is also create load on server. So i think they are banning it.
Faucet sites are generating a lot of Traffic.

Source: Byet Support
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