Amazon IPs tracking clicks on my website

I've noticed several IP addresses belonging to Amazon AWS that have been appearing in the list of guests, and they seem to be tracking where users are posting etc. - I have had several hits from them ever since opening my forums, for whatever reason.

Should I take action and block all Amazon AWS IP addresses via .htaccess? Thanks.
Jamie Dignam | miqrojamie
Most likely, it's the Alexa system. I would just ignore it and let it go.
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If you're worried about other people seeing and crawling your website, hide everything behind a login screen. What are you hoping to achieve by blocking AWS? What harm could they bring you?
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@Dog2puppy: Oh! I haven't seen an Amazon IP since 2 days ago.

@Hans: I'm not bothered about that, more bothered about saving bandwidth and server load than anything else by keeping out the more malicious bots. I remember when my site was flooded with Yandex bots (despite my site having no content that is in Russian, nor anything relating to Russia) and AhrefsBot, and it sucked the bandwidth somewhat. Though it could have been fake user agents, or something.
Jamie Dignam | miqrojamie

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