Shutting down YH projects properly
I'm going to completly shut down my two youhosting services. I want to do this in a way that's fair for all the legit sites that I have been hosting. Especially my native language service has a lot of legit hobby sites that I care about. I hope you guys can share some tips how you did it.

My idea: I will host the domain name that has been used for creating accounts somewhere with a wildcard DNS. Showing a messagae that the service is discontinued and how to make a backup. I can still point cpanel.domain to youhosting so people will be able to create backups (if they're lucky).

Question, what should I do with the master domains? Many clients used the nameservers of my main domain. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks guys
Sell your website to someone.
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I ended up running a dummy DNS service and pointed the ns[1-4] records to it. The dummy DNS resolved all domains to a specific IP, where I could redirect people to a discontinued message.
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