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Hi there,
We released OneSite on September 2016 , and we've grown tremendously fast since then. We (me and 4 other enthusiats) started with a free business model, then switched to a freemium one, and finally to a full paid one, in order to progressively increase our profitability keeping the growth at significant levels. We've been invited to exhibit in Startup Grind organized by Google for Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and to The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. However, lately I've been involved in a new project that is taking over all my time, thus I am not able to give OneSite the time (although it isn't much) it deservers. For that reason, I think it may be a good idea to sell OneSite to someone who appreciates it as much as I do. OneSite is sold with everthing, fully working. A fully customized website design, the huge marketing campaign we did to get OneSite out there, a Community with almost 900 active members and a fully customized Platform based on WHMCS, which includes an automatic Facebook sign up plugin. Additionally, OneSite has 11.500 verified sign ups, out of which 50 are paying for their web hosting. The rest decided not to upgrade, thus we only have them on WHMCS, not on cPanel/WHM. We broke-even a few weeks ago, so profits are starting to rise as of now.

Let's dig deeper

[Image: 102719d1498896196-onesite-rsz_2a7aa64840...ce7ea3.png]
[Image: 102718d1498896183-onesite-96cb026a3534bc...5b4140.png]
We already did all marketing to get OneSite out there and keep an outstanding growth rate. All growth has been organic almost since the very beginning when we did intensive marketing, and it is expected to carry on like that. AdSense or similar can be added to our site, community etc to monetize it.

As said, we have 50 paying clients, who pay an average of €4 per month.

VPS with WHMCS for our main site: €30 per month
Managed cPanel Dedicated server for our 50 clients: €100 per month

We are using KnownHost as our service provider, which is really expensive. You can migrate everything to your own servers or wherever you please, in order to reduce these costs, which are minimmum and are expected to be kept at very low levels, as we currently have a lot of resources left in our current servers.

So, all in all, OneSite is given fully working so that it keeps on growing alone and you can carry on making more money with it. It won't take up much of your time. Drop us an email to [email protected] for further details Smile
Selling up already?

Yep!  Smile
OneSite sold to

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