Would making websites decentralized something worth exploring?
Sure! It could be an interesting way of keep on making a decentralized internet
No sense at all. Don't even bother!
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Decentralized Websites
Blockchain technology is becoming more and more of a thing. I've been personally interested in it for a few years already.

Building a decentralized internet, just like Ethereum.org or Aragon.one are doing, could potentially be a more efficient way of shaping the future, which will mainly be internet-based. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Aragon.one lets you form a company in their platform, avoiding notaries and more hassle-related processes, thanks to blockchain technology. I believe that building a decentralized interent could be something amusing. We'd want to at least explore the idea of making websites completely decentralized, instead of being hosted in servers under a country's jurisdiction. I'd be great if we could all come together to explore this idea, and help shape the future if this concept makes any sense whatsoever.

Do decentralized websites make any sense at all for you? I encourage you all to give this idea a think. I personally found it interesting.
So, basically what IPFS and some others have already done before?

IMHO it's too complicated for the average user. The average user just wants a website without too much hassle. Blockchain based hosting is too limited for developers who want to host complex applications and too complicated for people who just want a website. Accessing sites on the blockchain is also limited to people actually using the blockchain, meaning your audience is very limited.

Today's internet is dominated by a few big companies. Everyone uses services from Google and Facebook. Lots of companies host their applications on AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace and Azure. A decentralized web is a fun concept, sure, but the demand for such tools is negligible I think.

(also, I stripped the completely irrelevant branding from your topic)
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I need to agree on that Smile
its already done, https://zeronet.io/ ,etc. however as hans says the people who will host on such a platform have a very niche audience (think kiddy porn, online drug auction sites, etc) a sure fast way to get your local law enforcement knocking on your door.
Not necessarily. Surely it's a risk, but I believe that freedom comes both ways Smile
You could argue the same for Bitcoin

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