Forum Under DDoS Attack
There are online booters and stress testers that have the power to DDOS from remote locations.
I am going on a web hosting hiatus.
(03-09-2016, 03:49 PM)Lewis Wrote: Plus, the traffic is from China which makes me think they (whoever they are, most likely someone from YouHosting) are utilizing some indirect way of trying to take us down.

Well, htc2014 is from China and the traffic is from China, which I doubt is a coincidence.
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so why not blacklisting china in cloudflare eric!!
(03-10-2016, 06:46 AM)k-lil Wrote: hi,
so why not blacklisting blacklisting china in cloudflare eric!!

CloudFlare is doing an amazing job of stopping almost all the attack traffic. I don't want to alienate potential members unless its absolutely necessary.
Just updated the statistics screenshot in the first post to the latest from CloudFlare.

Also, WTF Bing?
[Image: kC6JkYB.png]
He probably tried to make the header information look like Bing so that it would bypass CloudFlare (it used to work before, but CloudFlare patched that). Not sure why he is using old exploits for CloudFlare, but it's funny none-the-less.
Nearly at one billion requests. Don't know what to really say at this point.
Have you considered to trace the IP and report it to the provider? Most providers will not tolerate such behavior in the US.
I am going on a web hosting hiatus.
Most of the requests appear to be coming from spoofed IPs, with the rest coming from China. Not much I can do about either.
Officially passed a billion requests. Do I get some kind of medal for this?

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